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Brought to you by:

Ra the Kushite
Founder and NEKTR CEO
StonerPunkz NFT - project manager




What makes Stoner Punkz unique?

Owners of Stoner Punkz will belong to the smoke circle, having many advantages.

- Original minters will receive a "greeni grower" plant package
- Punkz holders will receive NEKTR cannabis rebates
- Access to the Stoner NFT DAO and voting rights
- OG role on discord for the original minters
- Will be part of the biggest Cannabis family across the whole NFT Space.

How many Stoner Punkz are available?

The smoke circle has a total of 2420 Stoner Punkz.

How many can I mint?

There is no limit per wallet, although, you can only mint one per transaction.

How much will it cost to mint?

One Stoner Punk will cost 1 SOL.

When was the launch?

February 2022